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Intervention Leveled Literacy Interventionis a short-term, supplementary intervention system proven to improve literacy achievement of struggling readers with engaging leveled books and fast-paced systematically designed lessons.

Explore our intervention offerings below and ourintervention resources in theResource Library IconResource Library.

Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI)

Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI)

Leveled Literacy Interventionprovides effective small-group instruction for students who find reading and writing difficult. With engaging leveled books, fast-paced systematically designed lessons, and a high level of built-in professional development,LLIempowers both teachers and students as together they work toward attaining reading and writing proficiency.

Explore whatLLIis, what's included, how it's implemented, and gain access to samplers, research, webinars, and more.

Online Data Management System (ODMS)

Online Data Management System (ODMS)

TheFountas & Pinnell Online Data Management SystemforLLIwas developed in response to the need for teachers and administrators to share data and monitor student and group progress. Teachers and administrators can easily generate reports to show progress at the individual, group, school, and district level.

  • Collect, analyze, and report data on progress
  • Determine the growth in instructional and independent reading levels over time
  • Share data and customize reports according to district requirements

LLI Reading Record iPad® App

Reading Record App

With in-app purchases available for each of theLLIsystems, theLLI Reading Record iPad® Appcontains the texts for that system’s instructional books and records the following:

  • Oral-reading rate and accuracy rate
  • Self-correction ratio
  • Fluency score and comprehension score

TheLLI Reading Record Appsaves the record as a PDF, times the conference, and syncs the data to the Online Data Management System.

Select Collections and Genre Sets

Fountas & Pinnell Select Collections

Using the popular PM Readers, Fountas and Pinnell have hand selected and organized theSelect Collections, which provide high-quality books that help students develop their ability to read complex texts independently. Available for grades K–3, theSelect Collectionsoffer books to use in small-groups, guided reading and for independent, partner and take-home reading.

Explore what a Select Collection and Genre Set is, what's included, and how it's implemented.